I have some follow-up questions for the guests. Can I ask them?

You can send an email to writers@thesign.al with any question that you might have. We'll try our best to get the response and most likely even edit your question into the article!

I know a few alumni who would be wonderful additions to this. How can I go about making the introduction?

If you personally know any interesting alumni who would like to share their story, don't hesitate to reach out to us with an email at writers@thesign.al. We'd love to work with you potentially to come up with questions and if you are up for it, even doing the interview together!

How can I get involved?

The Signal is looking for new members to join our team in Fall 2017! We'll be looking for writers, editors, developers, designers, and more. To keep up to date, join our mailing list here.

How can I know more about the sign.al's wonderful team?

You can find the Bios of our writers here: Our wonderful team.