One year ago, we marked the beginning of this journey — and it's been a hell of a ride. The three of us locked ourselves in a study room for 24 hours to brainstorm and develop what would become this website. The week prior, we were traversing through San Francisco for a career trek, in which we met several Penn alums killing the game in tech, venture capital, non-profits, and other industries we hadn't been exposed to. However, the IPOs, accolades, and titles weren't what resonated with us the most. Rather, each person could recall a time they had to make a difficult but deliberate choice to pursue what they love in lieu of the noise around them. These stories became the medium with which we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Originally, we had never intended for The Signal to be anything more than a collection of stories. However, when our reception and reach extended far beyond what we ever imagined, we knew the possibilities were endless. We found some people who somehow weren't driven away by our collective madness and began tackling student issues one project at a time. Now that we’ve reached The Signal’s one year anniversary, we are proud to present our journey thus far.

Laura, Bill and Will

If you made it this far down the page, we thank you for celebrating a hell of a year with us. In the moments you've spent reading this, we were likely huddled in another study room building out new features (look out for a redesign!) and playing more Sims 3.

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