We are the Signal in the Noise

We are a team of designers, engineers, and storytellers fiercely dedicated to empowering students to do their own unique and meaningful work.

Our team by row:

  1. Sammie Yoon, Johnathan Chen, Melinda Hu, Will Yoo, Bill He, Maddie Ngo, Adam Ripley
  2. Tunika Onnekikami, Qi Linzhi, Miguel Dearmas, Sophia Ly, Laura Gao, Santi Buenahora, Jess Li
  3. Hoyt Gong, Olivia O'Dwyer, Ben Fung, Katie Jiang
  4. Sophia Ye, Jerome Cohen, Airika Yee, Kasra Koushan, Chuhan Shen, Alicia Lu, Jonathan Mak


In 2017, The Signal began as a publication that encouraged the exploration of unconventional career paths and creative passions at Penn. Today, we are a collective of creators, designers, writers, and everything in between, with the goal of enhancing the undergraduate experience for all students. We provide resources to help students discover their passions and live deliberately at Penn, in their careers, and beyond.

Our Work

See our "First Year in Review" to see the accomplishments of our first year.

We've conducted 40+ alumni interviews and student features on the perspectives, struggles, and drive behind unconventional career decisions. Our stories encompass people like Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy), Bing Chen (Forbes 30 under 30 for Entertainment), and Todd Lieberman (Producer of Beauty and the Beast) and data projects like "Your Freshman Summer, Demystified". Other projects include:

Squirrels Without Morality: a card-game that encouraged students to laugh, de-stress, and talk about Penn's culture.

Amazon HQ2 to Philly Case Competition: 30 teams competed to present their masterplan for Amazon to build their new HQ in Philadelphia to the Mayor.


We'd like to give a special thanks to contributors and organizations who have made this important work possible.

  • Weiss Tech House
  • Wharton Entrepreneurship
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